Improves 'Lapability' of the Microsoft Surface

Reduces Slouching and Eye Strain

Protects your Device

Allows a Perfectly Vertical Angle

The pain with Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs are generally smaller than their laptop counterparts for increased mobility. They accommodate for their smaller screen sizes with higher resolution (smaller pixels, allowing the same number of pixels in a smaller area). However, this higher resolution (ppi) is only an improvement when the viewing distance is also reduced, making the screen proportionally the same size at the reduced distance.

“Our eyes average 23″ from the screen at our desks, and about 14″ when using a laptop.”

A more upright position...

So the viewing distance for tablet PCs needs to be shorter, but obviously the viewer’s arms are the same length regardless of the scenario, so the screen must move without changing the position of the keyboard.

This is impossible with the screen and keyboard fixed in the traditional fashion, One hopeful alternative was that a detachable keyboard cover would allow the screen to be positioned independent of the keyboard.

Why tablets aren't laptops...

In a confusing move, manufacturers have opted to provide a keyboard cover that can only work when physically attached in the same position as a traditional laptop, and there is no provision for holding the screen in an elevated position.

This type of arrangement is huge pain when used on-lap (without a desk) as it doesn’t provide a platform as a base. The user needs to balance the kickstand and leading edge of the tablet on their legs, with only a magnetic strip holding the keyboard and the chassis together. The result has no benefits over a traditional laptop, with numerous problems.

Your thousand dollar tablet is perched on your knees, with only a small magnet holding on...

Laptop stand, a heavyweight solution.

Another solution which does provide elevation, is the laptop elevated stand. A simple, portable folding stand that can hold a laptop in a raised position. However this solution needs a secondary bluetooth keyboard and mouse - which renders the very thing that differentiates a laptop from a tablet (the integrated keyboard) redundant. Having to carry a laptop, stand and bluetooth keyboard with you is not a very mobile solution.

Who wants to carry a laptop + stand + extra keyboard + mouse!